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The newest pieces of art that I've finished recently.


| Heather |
United States
Let me introduce myself. My name is Heather, but you can call me Pancakey.
I'm 18 years old. Concerning art: I draw, paint, write, cosplay, take photos, etc.

Basically, I'm here to show the world my art and improve it, as well as to help show off other's art,
help them improve, and hopefully bring a smile to a face or two. I know I'm not the best artist,
but I try my hardest, because drawing is one of my biggest passions. Believe it or not,
I'd really love to talk to you and get to know you better. I hope you can be my friend if you aren't already!

You should also consider checking out my very good friends, who also happen to be very talented.

:iconensheli: :iconviktorye: :iconplaguedoctor-chan:
Ensheli, viktorye, and plaguedoctor-chan.

:iconfaggedblackplz::iconfaggedblackplz::iconfaggedblackplz::iconfaggedblackplz:USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Intermediate by MafiaVamp:iconfaggedblackplz::iconfaggedblackplz::iconfaggedblackplz::iconfaggedblackplz:
Say THANK YOU with a LLAMA, NOT with a COMMENT! by ChibiAngel86don't thank me for llama by SAVALISTE
Boy, it sure has been a long time since I've uploaded a journal. Figure this is a fun one that's worth posting, though.

For the first 10 people who comment, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and/or one picture).

If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! 


I got this from Skarita, so I'm putting her stuff in here.
I couldn't pick just one of her characters, in fact, I'm in love with so many of them, but I'll link to her two main ones.

Shrug by Skarita
This is Arabella, and she's probably the greatest non-canon Irken I've had the pleasure to know about. She's so well designed, has a fun personality, and Skarita captures her really well. Aaah.
Command stance by Skarita
And this is Catherine, a victorian lesbian spider space-pirate. A mouthful of all good words for a character to be. I am also in love with her design. I don't know much about her story, but goddamn, I'd be so interested to listen.

Skarita does an amazing job with colors, poses, movement, etc. Consider checking her art and her awesome characters out! (She also has commissions open, and it's well worth your money.)


1.  Let me begin with the fact that I've been following llQueenOfDiamondsll for quite a while now, and all of their pieces are lovely!
I'm choosing to feature one of her newer characters, Moissanite, because her design is badass! (White Diamond is my second fav from her SU designs.)
Moissanite Concepts (Final) by llQueenOfDiamondsll
Here she is, in all her glory. I know you don't have much uploaded of her yet, but I really enjoy her design and overall concept. I would love to see a bit of her story fledged out!

This artist inspires me and always leaves me boggled by how her ideas/concepts are so unique and executed so well! I fell in love with Queen and have been following since (everything's been so much sweeter because we've been in similar/same fandoms, too). Check her art out! You won't be disappointed with how much she has to offer, ex: beautiful color theory, painting techniques, etc.


2. MutatedMutiny
Space Garden: Delphi Greer the One-Glove Wonder by MutatedMutiny
Unfortunately when I look through your gallery I barely see any reoccurring OCs! So I'm picking one that I really like the design of.
I am a sucker for flat-nosed, big eared, purple eyed, blue or purple characters in space. (guiltycoughcoughQelle; jesuswe'vegotsomesimilartraitsgoingonhere). 
Not sure how much you use this girl, but I hope it's a lot. Her design is really interesting and cute! I'm glad you're working on developing her and have a bit of a background and personality, though I'd really like to see more of her current history! The past can only mean so much, one's gotta think about how it affects the future.
Either way, great job! I love seeing your progress.


All these sweet spots are up for grabs, yooo.

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